Hi there, I'm Tiago.


My name's Tiago Rodrigues. I'm a Portuguese guy, currently living in Berlin, Germany. I work as a software developer, mostly on the web, and mostly doing frontend development and lots of JS.

I spend way too much time getting to know new music of many kinds or watching lots of TV series and movies. I love video games but fail hard at keeping up with all that's out there.

Find out more about me through my writing, or through my links to profiles on various other services:

twitter, where I tweet a lot about tech, music, cats and the occasional rant.

Pinboard, where I bookmark almost as much as I tweet.

last.fm, where I log a lot of the things I listen to.

flickr, where I post some random pictures.

github, where I publish some random pet projects or open source stuff I work on.

linkedin, where you can see what I've done with my professional life.

If you'd like to contact me, you can do so at tmcrodrigues at gmail dot com