My name's Tiago and you've found my little corner on the web.

I currently live in Berlin with my two cats, Molly and Zoe, but originally come from sunny Portugal.

I work as a Software Developer, mostly doing JavaScript and frontend development, but I've generally worked over the whole web stack.

I care a lot about knowing and understanding the fundamentals of the web platform, and bringing strong principles of performance and accessibility to the things I work on.

These days I also take more interest in higher level things, relating not just to architecture in terms of software, but how to manage technical teams, mentor less experienced developers, improve communication and feedback structures, and how all of these things relate to creating more diverse and better functioning software development teams.

When I'm not thinking about all of that stuff, you'll likely find me playing video games, finding new music or cooking some really nice food.

I'll occasionally post some thoughts on this website, but the following links are where I generally post things online for others to see.

You can always contact me via twitter or at hello at trodrigues dot net

Thanks for stopping by!